Atlanta Counseling Services

As a certified substance abuse counselor with years of experience, Tony Reynolds is proud to offer a full range of services for those struggling with substance abuse issues. As a counselor, Tony is committed to partnering with his patients — and their loves ones — to achieve recovery, repair careers and relationships, and help people move down the road being in full control of their lives. Look below to read more about Tony’s services, and call or email him any time with any questions about substance abuse counseling.

Addiction Counseling

Tony can provide you or your family with effective, proven addiction counseling, including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Tony will work with his patient to determine the specific type of addiction counseling that is most appropriate and is likely to be most effective. As an experience and certified counselor, Tony always seeks to find what triggers an addict’s behavior, so that these triggers can be eliminated from that patient’s life. Tony is trained to recognize attitudinal barriers which may inhibit a person’s ability to successfully overcome their addiction… and is uniquely qualified to help patients move beyond those barriers and begin the process of recovery.

Life Coach

As a life coach, Tony can help patients achieve the success they so desperately want to reach in their lives… especially those who have been struggling with addictions and self destructive behaviors.

As a life coach, Tony considers himself a cross between a teacher, a motivational speaker, and a mentor. Just like sports coaches help develop successful habits, knowledge and skills in their student athletes, Tony can help people achieve “victory” in whatever way they define it. From helping people move forward in personal relationships, in their careers, in their educational pursuits and more, a life coach like Tony can make it all possible.

Motivational Interviewing

Tony Reynolds makes motivational interviewing available to people who can benefit from its holistic approach to recovery. Motivational interviewing, usually referred to as MI, is founded on four key principles:  Collaboration between Tony and a patient; helping figure out that patient’s desired change; helping the patient work independently to achiever recovery; and compassion and empathy throughout the counseling.

12 Step Program

Tony Reynolds offers counseling services in the 12 step program disciplines, particularly when these programs are determined by employers. 12 step programs are often implemented by facility managers and chiefs of staff. Tony the experience and certifications needed to help implement a 12 step program… call him or email him any time with any questions!

Coping Skills

A vital first step in moving toward recovery is developing the necessary coping skills. With his years of experience, Tony Reynolds can help you, or your loved one, get on the road toward building the coping skills needed to take–and keep–control of your lives.