Alcohol and Drug Counseling In Atlanta, GA

Do you live in Atlanta, Georgia, or the surrounding areas? Has the affliction of substance abuse affected you or someone you love? Are you searching for compassionate, effective addiction counseling that’s convenient to the Atlanta region? If so, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the online home of Addiction Counselor USA, certified, experienced substance abuse counselors offering addiction counseling and related services to the Atlanta, GA region. Other regions through phone, internet, Skype, etc.

From dual diagnoses, fighting a prescription abuse habit to overcoming alcoholism to problems with recreational drug use, the first step toward getting yourself free is to begin addiction counseling. Of  course, since relapse is always a danger, addiction counseling is one of the key steps toward keeping patients free and clear of substance abuse.

Addiction counseling in the Atlanta area is a vital part of substance abuse treatment. Count on Addiction Counselor USA to provide the most effective forms of addiction counseling, including Cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, motivational interviewing, life coaching, and more. If you have any questions about the addiction counseling services, please call or email him anytime to learn more.

Addiction is not just physical!

For many people struggling with substance abuse issues, the physical cravings and symptoms are usually the top of their concern. But in almost all cases there are deeper, underlying emotional and behavioral concerns that drive the addict’s behavior.

Addiction counseling can help patients find, understand, and conquer those deeper psychological issues that drive the self destructive behavior of addiction. The first step is the detoxification of the substances that are in the patient’s body, but the next steps involve motivating the client in wanting to deal with the underlying problems. That’s why addiction counseling is so important for people in the Atlanta, GA area.

Motivation to Move

Addiction counselor USA offers a full range of services, including life coaching, 12 step programs, motivational interviewing, assistance with coping skills, and much, much more. To ensure almost everyone on the Atlanta area can gain the help he or she may need, all the individual and group counseling that will be based on a sliding scale fee. Costs will be based on the info the patient provides, including annual household income, the number of dependents, and other mitigating factors, such as illnesses and disabilities.

Remember, the road to recovery starts with many different on-ramps. To be successful, recovery should start with a self-directed effort that’s driven by a sincere desire for change. No matter what has happened in the persons’ life, it’s never too late to begin repairing relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Addiction Counselor USA is ready to help!

Questions about addiction counseling in the Atlanta, Georgia region? Please call or simply email for your him if that convenient. Addiction Counselor USA’s Therapist are fully certified, deeply experienced substance abuse counselors that provides services to people in need in the greater Atlanta area. If you or a loved one is in need of help… time is of the essence. Get in touch us today!