Coping Skills

Developing a better set of coping skills is a huge step forward for anyone who is seeking to recover from substance abuse, addictions to drugs or alcohol, or anyone who is struggling with other self destructive behaviors. And Tony Reynolds, a highly credentialed and experienced counselor in the Atlanta area, is ready to help.

Beating addiction isn’t just about beating the urge to use drugs or alcohol. It’s about developing the life skills that you need to keep yourself on track, to avoid the temptation to relapse. Coping skills can help you create the new reality that helps you make the positive changes you want in your life. Tony Reynolds can help teach you the coping skills that will help you achieve all the dreams and goals that you’ve been working so hard towards.

The most common coping skills that can help someone beat addiction or substance abuse are learning to avoid high risk situations, like being alone, being stressed out, being lonely and being overly tired. Simply learning to identify and be aware of these types of situations will help many people develop the coping skills they need to get on the road to recovery.

Simply taking the time to relax and reward yourself can be an invaluable coping skill for those seeking to beat an addiction. Many times, being stressed, overworked, or full of anxiety can be a trigger that causes people to abuse substances… or those in recovery to relapse. Learning simple coping skills like taking time for yourself, going for a walk when necessary, or practicing things like yoga and basic physical fitness can be an invaluable coping skill… and Tony will work with you or your loved one to help develop the essential coping skills needed.

Coping skills are so important because those who give up drugs or alcohol often feel like there is a void in their life. To be successful, patients need to adapt a strategic approach to keeping their daily lives on the right track. Coping skills can help in this regard. After many years of successfully using their coping skills, addicts can achieve a more fulfilled and content state of existence, which is sometimes referred to as serenity. Once a patient has used his or her coping skills to reach this state, he or she will be much more likely to remain clean and sober.

To help everyone in the Atlanta area get the counseling they need, Tony Reynolds will adjust his rates and fees bases on a sliding scale. Depending on your individual needs and situations, which could include disabilities, employment status, income, and number of dependents, Tony will work with you to ensure you receive the coping skills counseling that you need.

If you have any questions about coping skills counseling, please call or email Tony anytime to learn more. Even if you simply have basic questions about how to get started, Tony will be delighted to have a conversation with you. Please get in touch today!